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Turning Interest Into Action

Project Love Lunch is a ground-up initiative, an all-volunteer community project that has been providing dry groceries to 5 rental blocks in Yishun Singapore since 2015. We are a ground up initiative that is fuelled by the kindness and generosity of everyone who has the same beliefs. Our goal is to build a sustainable community where everyone has access to important resources they need in order to be healthy and productive citizens.

We understand how hard it is for those who are struggling financially, and what a bag of groceries will be able to benefit and keep the spirit of someone who may be going through a rough patch stronger.

 Additionally, we also provide mobility aids, milk powders for those in need. As a result, the person can focus on their health and their family instead of having to worry about how they are going to pay for these important items. 

We are really grateful for all who have came forward so far and are also looking forward to other opportunities.

It’s the little things that count.

Having been in existence for over 6 years, our core beliefs have brought us this far, and with your help we will be able to make a real difference. Project Love Lunch believes in using food and communications as a medium to spread a message of love and kindness. We're looking to the future and creating a space where we can all work together peacefully. With your help, we aim to ensure those under our care will never be forgotten. We’re so lucky to have been able to help these families, especially the elderly and school going children, and hope you’ll join us in our efforts to support Project Love Lunch.

We are changing live one grocery bag at a time.

We offer services that are vital to the community at no cost. We are helping families who, for various reasons, have 

fallen into an economic trap: they can't afford groceries and other necessities on a regular basis. Instead of letting 

them stay hungry, Project Love Lunch shares food with these families via private distribution. 

We also help where possible by providing basic medical equipment for those in need through our Project Love Lunch initiative.

We aspire to provide all people with every opportunity and resource possible to thrive, offering excellent service with 

optimism. We also partner with local businesses to ensure the free distribution of groceries bag monthly and bread weekly.

Let’s make a difference.

Project Love Lunch was created to make a difference, to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of our growing

children, and to provide communities with access to nutritious meals. We are a growing network of people, who

believe in the power of sharing, and are kind enough to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We currently serve

approximately 200 families, (If applicable: with plans to expand nationwide.). We look forward to keeping providing

good quality food to individuals and families in need and serve it with love on our hearts and in the spirit of unity and

gratitude. Come together with community leaders to put on a lunch for those in need. With your help, we can end people’s

struggle with hunger and poverty. Join us as a volunteer, donor, or sponsor to help us achieve our goal.


No Child Should Go Hungry, No Elderly Should Be Forgotten.

At PLL | Project Love Lunch, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.

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