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CNY Distribution

We had a very fruitful weekend yesterday we distributed the angpaos, oranges and lanterns at 162, as we cannot post photo and video together we have included the link to our Instagram where by the photo collage was uploaded yesterday.

Today for 436 & 438 we had Ben and his team who sponsored and distributed groceries, daily necessities, ntuc vouchers and even hot lunches for the recipients residing at 436 and 438. Photo with Advisor Derrick who was on ground too has been added in the comment section of this post too. We are truly thankful for his kind words and encouragement.

We are truly blessed and thankful, we be also going to Marsiling on Tuesday and 461A/461B on Wednesday to distribute out the items for the respective blocks.

Due to the ongoing pandemic this year Chinese New year was different from the past year as we only raised for 162 while we had different sponsors of different items for the other blocks under our care on different days so as to ensure that the volunteers will be well rested since it be impossible to have our annual cny luncheon like past years whereby we invites all the recipients to have lunch together at 1 area.

We are so thankful for all the items that has been sponsored for this chinese new year.

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